Tuesday, March 6, 2012

In praise of RTE, Marian Finucane and the art of conversation

Okay I am the most inconsistent blogger - I know. Almost a year since the last post. But TESCAPE has been rather dormant for that period. That said things are about to change so watch this space. So in the spirit of publishing more regularly I offer this.

Spokenword is something we love and whilst listening to a single voice can be wonderful soothing, informative and entertaining so too can conversation. If we come across sources of good spoken word then we like to share it an this is no exception.

A few years ago I spent time with one of TESCAPE authors riding across Ireland. Well he was riding his bike I was driving the support car and as I spent a jolly weekend surveying the glorious Irish countryside from Dublin to Galway, mending the odd puncture, filling water bottles and that kind of thing I also was introduced to RTE Radio 1 and some of the magnificent spokenword they produce. In particular I became aware of a star of Irish broadcasting the very fabulous Marian Finucane. Like many broadcasters RTE produces podcasts of their shows and Marian’s shows are no exception. On the weekend she does an interview show on the Saturday and a review magazine type show on the Sunday. The interviews are always interesting and Marian has that rare ability to be disarmingly polite but still skewer evasive interviewees. The Sunday review is a joy to listen to as current affairs and life are discussed with an eclectic and articulate group who both sound fabulous whilst managing to take contrary positions without having to shout or argue. They discuss. I just love feeling like I am part of the round table chat. Wonderful - listen to it.

I have just re engaged with it as I stocked a new MP3 player - a ZEN by the way - and thought I should share it with you.

For all my praise though I will say this - RTE you are hopeless at tagging your MP3’s really, really, really bad! Please add the necessary detail - show, artist etc etc etc. It really isn't that hard.

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