Thursday, August 7, 2008

The gentle rain

For the last few days it has rained, and rained some more. My mother, who clearly resides in a less rainy area, was happily telling me abut all of the wonderful homegrown vegetables she had served at dinner that evening. I was tempted to say I had eaten a fish caught in my own back yard.

Whilst the rain, in what is supposed to be summer, can be very disappointing, rain at night is welcome. It saves me watering the garden and feeling guilty about using potable water in that way, but most importantly it sounds so delicious. It sooths and calms and comforts and gently wraps you into sleep. It was whilst experiencing that delight once again that I was reminded exactly why I founded TESCAPE. The sound of a human voice can have exactly that same soothing calming effect. It can do so many other things a well, intrigue, inspire, indoctrinate. But just as your mother may have read a bed time story to you, or maybe stroked your feverish forehead telling a story and saying all would be well, the power of eh human voice to comfort endures throughout life. So in praise of that magnificent quality, TESCAPE will continue to generate quality spoken word for your enjoyment.